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From 1994 Company "Conex" works in the market of the commercial real property and consulting for Sevastopol and Crimea.

The main directions of the development company are:

  • privatisation of public and communal domain;
  • expert appraisal of property, rights and business;
  • organisation of auctions on the sale of the real property;
  • conducting of land trades;
  • services are provided for the sale of commercial real property and land;
  • providing of legal operations with commercial real property and commercial land lots.

From 2003 "Conex" began realisation of a few of its own development projects. From this time the company, having done serious work on market analysis of real property, began to work in area of investment consulting and concluded the first agreements on project management.

Presently "Conex" has successful projects in the areas of the building of hotels and dwelling apartment houses. The company has new projects for Sevastopol: building of two dwelling-houses of VIP - class and sub divisions in the city and in the suburbs of Sevastopol.

The investment consulting company "Conex" includes:

  • department of project management;
  • department of the legal consulting;
  • department of sales for commercial real estate;
  • department of expert appraisal and investment planning;
  • marketing department.

Clients of "Conex" have enterprises that actively work in industries of oil-extracting, shipbuilding, ship-repair, and companies that work in spheres of distributions, buildings, trading, finances and credit, recreation, hotel, science and others. The company successfully works with the State Property Fund of Ukraine, the Fund of Communal Property of Sevastopol City Council, and the Sevastopol City Administration. The employees of company are members of the Association of Specialists of Real Property in Ukraine and the Society of Appraisers of Ukraine.

The investment consulting company "Conex" is a dynamic, developing company with experience of successful work. Today this company offers co-operation in areas of investment and development.

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